Wiang Sa Local Food (Lab Pla)

Wiang Sa Local Food

Wiang Sa district is a great plain land with a rich agriculture, nature and culture. The local people earn their living by growing crops. There are a lot different kinds of homemade food that we can find easily in our hometown. Northern people usually eat sticky-rice as the main dish. Local food consists not only of healthy nutrition and herbs. Moreover, we can save money by eating our local and homemade food. The two most popular dishes are Kaeng Khae Kai and Lab Pla (Spicy minced fish Salad)


Recipe 10 – 12 serving


1. 2 kg fish

2. 5 tablespoons dried chili

3. 100 grams grilled shallot

4. 100 grams garlic

5. 4 tablespoons kawkua (fried rice powder)

6. 2 tablespoons salt

7. 1 tablespoon leek

8. 1 tablespoon coriander

9. 200 grams pai vegetable

10. 1 tablespoon makwan

11. Lemongrass

12. Paprika

13. Seasoning powder

How to cook

1. Boil some water (about 1 liter) and then put the head, tail and fin of the fish into the water to make soup.

2. Mince the rest of the fish

3. Then put some lemongrass and some salt into the soup.

4. Let some soup be cold.

5. Mix some paprika, onion, makwan, salt and seasoning powder in the minced fish.

6. After that stir all together and put some soup to mix it.

7. And mix fried rice powder, leek, makwan, onion, salt, coriander, garlic, paprika and pai vegetable.

8. Taste it.

9. Put some flavor that you like.

10. Cook it by frying and serve with some vegetables.

Best fish for cooking.

1. Pla Jok

2. Pla Peer

3. Pla Kraban

4. And other kinds of fish

Six nutrients and vitamins In Spicy Minced Fish Salad

1. Proteins and calcium from fish

2. Carbohydrates from roasted rice (kawkua)

3. Fat and oils from fish oil

4. Minerals from salt

5. Vitamins from pai vegetables, makwan, coriander, leek, garlic, grilled shallot

6. Water from soup

How to store well

1. Uncooked, you can leave it in the refrigerator for 2 days

2. A few days, if it is cooked and stored in the fridge