The Slogan of Wiang Sa

“The gate to Nan

The legend of Mlabri

The city of 7 rivers

Boon Yuen Temple is gorgeous

The very famous festival is Boat Racing

Worshiping Chomjang Pagoda”

Wiang Sa district is a great rolling plain land for agricultural crops. In Wiang Sa district rice, corn, tobacco, soybean etc. can be grown. These crops can grow very well in the delta: The fertile land on both sides of the mouth of the river.

Wiang Sa is a small peaceful land to the south of Nan city in Nan province in the north of Thailand. The area comprises about 1,931 square kilometers.

Its population is about 71,490. Most of them are farmers, shepherds and employees. There are 17 tambons, 127 villages and a lot of interesting places to visit and to study. One can see the name of the tambons on the map of Wiang Sa district. It is about 640 kilometers and it takes about 9 hours by bus from Wiang Sa to Bangkok. Wiang Sa district joints to Muaeng Nan district in the north, Nanoi district in the south, Phrae and Payao province in the west, Mae Charim district and Lao People’s Democratic Republic in the east.





ศึกษาประวัติที่มาของอำเภอเวียงสา จากคลิปวีดีโอ ด้านล่างนี้นะครับ


Active Tasks

1. What province is situated to the west of Wiang Sa?

2. If we go to the east from Wiang Sa district, which district do we see first ?

3. How many sub-districts are there in Wiang Sa district ?

4. Which crops do not grow in Wiang Sa ?

5. The Gate to Nan refers to……………………………..

6. What do people in Wiang Sa district earn their living from ?

7. Most of them are farmers, shepherds and employees.
them” refers to…………

8. According to the map of Wiang Sa, which one is the biggest tambon of the area ?

9. Which is the central sub –district of Wiang Sa ?

10. What is the farthest tambon from Tambon Klang Wiang ?



52 thoughts on “The Slogan of Wiang Sa

  1. 1.phrae and payao
    2.mae charim district
    5.wiang sa district.
    7.people of wiang sa
    8.tambon yarb huana
    9.tambon klang wiang
    10.tambon mae khaning

  2. นาวสาว ชฎาภรณ์ ใจจันทร์ ชั้นม.4/1(พ) เลขที่12
    1.Phrae and Payao
    2.Mea Charim district
    5.Wiang Sa district
    7.people of Wiang Sa
    8.Tambon Yarb Huana
    9.Tambon Klang Wiang
    10.Tambon Yarb Huana, Tambon Nam Muap

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